Unboxing: Map Poster from Mapiful

I received a mail a few days ago from Mapiful and it contains a map poster. If you don’t know anything about Mapiful, here’s some information about the company from their website:

So what is Mapiful?

Did you ever wish for a printed map poster of your hometown or a place where you fell in love? Well, if that place isn’t Paris, London or New York chances are you’ve ended up empty handed. That’s about to change. The world is at your fingertips with Mapiful.

We provide you with the tools to let you choose from any place in the world and design your own unique map poster. Explore, zoom, customize and order. Voilà, your place of birth, favorite neighbourhood or just your happy place framed on your wall, in your home. Did we mention that shipping worldwide is free?

Our story

It all began with a cup of coffee and four friends talking about the possibilities of combining technology, design and maps. The first idea was actually to create a spin on the traditional game “Snake” but on top of real world maps. When working with maps, and designing them to fit our purpose we realized that we would want our favorite spots like this on a poster at home – and so the idea of Mapiful was born.

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