Totally Should’ve Book Tag

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Last May, I was tagged by my wonderful friend Jasmine @ Jasmine Pearl Reads to do the Totally Should’ve Book Tag. You can read her post here. Now I’m here to do this tag and let’s get started.


Totally Should’ve Gotten A Sequel

All I can think of was Champion by Marie Lu. The Legend trilogy is one of my favorite dystopian books and I gave all three books 5/5 stars but I really need a sequel on what happens after Champion. Like can we have another book please? I mean I like the ending but sometimes I really didn’t. Can we just not end there please?

Totally Should’ve Had A Spin-Off Series

I really can’t think of a book *hides*

Totally Should’ve Had A Film Franchise

THE LEGEND TRILOGY. It’s perfect, it’s a trilogy plus I love the world in these books and I really want to see it on the big screen. Please guys make this happen and yup I’m ready for my heart to be broken in the end, for those who have already read these books, you know what I mean.

Totally Should’ve Had A T.V. Show

I’ve yet to read the other books in The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer but I agree with Jasmine in this one. I really need to see on how they will make these books into a tv show. BUT I feel like it can be a movie franchise too.

Totally Should’ve Had One Point of View

Allegiant by Veronica Roth. I mean…… LOL

Totally Should’ve Had A Cover Change

Sorry guys, I don’t have an answer for this one…

Totally Should’ve Stopped Reading

I really don’t have any books that I’ve read that I hate or I didn’t like that much that I would just thought that I should’ve stopped reading that book. Because sometimes I make sure that the books I buy are the ones that I know that I will actually like.

Totally Should’ve Kept The Covers

Again, I don’t have an answer for this one.

Totally Shouldn’t Have Pre-Judged

I don’t have an answer for this one. Why? Because I don’t judge a book and most importantly I don’t give negative opinions to the books I’ve not even read yet. *winks*

I Tag these people:

Nikki @ Aliceinwonderbookland

Nikka @ Paper & Trees

Carryn @ Thereadingberry

JM @ Book Freak Revelations

Stephanie @ Doodle’s Book Reviews

Have a great day,

Josiah @ The Bookish Fanboy






5 thoughts on “Totally Should’ve Book Tag

  1. I agree on Allegiant. That basically ruined the book for me (and I wasn’t really a fan of the series in the first place, haha). I’m going to do this tag soon, and I’m worried that it’s going to be hard to think of answers too!


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